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28-Sep-2018 19:25

If they can say for example that it was a one-use key that'd been circulated on the internet, then perhaps they might not be so benevolent.But if they traced it back to a reseller who duped a number of innocent purchasers, the public relations cost of making you pay for that reseller's theft might simply be too high to be anal about it. But my understanding is that Microsoft does or will soon require validation in order to receive updates.That might mean, for example a product key that's been used too many times.

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I would assume that Key Finder simply uses one of them to recover the Validation Key. But as your adage is correct - the email spam we all get offering cheap software, the software that comes "free", preinstalled on a machine, or at a discount at the auction sites - it's all suspect.

Among other things, it points out that "The Business Software Alliance (BSA) estimates that 'a high percentage' of software sold on auction sites is counterfeit." Pick a task (tools) shows another; and the registry (HKLM/Software/MS/Windows NT/current version) shows yet another.

Would this anomaly have any bearing on MS saying I don't have a valid copy of XP Pro?

As I discussed above, manufacturers and corporations can purchase keys that allow for volume installations using the same validation key on more than one installation.

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The Product Key is computed from the Validation Key.Regardless of how evil or not you think they are, Microsoft simply isn't that stupid.

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